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My Why

My Why: I was once asked, why do you do, what you do, and my immediate response was non existent because I was unable to put to words what I was looking to achieve during my time on this beautiful earth. But as a result of "not letting myself off easily,: I discovered my WHY!

The reason I do, what I do is because I truly believe that I was born to make a difference in this world. My purpose is to help people lead better lives as a result of their lifestyle choices while educating them on the importance of mind and body. My WHY is to become a HEALER.

I sincerely care about your health and that of your family, so I want to fill you in on something special we are doing that is literally revolutionary! Before I tell you what this revolutionary addition to our practice is, I want to tell you why I did it.

My Purpose: I became a chiropractor because of my strong sense of purpose to help people achieve a higher level of health and well-being. I have also made it my mission to remain innovative and cutting edge with the products and services my practice would offer the community. The health of many communities in our region (in fact, North America as a whole) is declining at a very disturbing rate. Many individuals quality of life is average or well below in more than one dimension of their life and they are only surviving not thriving the way the human body was meant to thrive. We as a culture are overweight, over-stressed, depressed and in turn, confused as to what we can do about it. All of this is a byproduct of our lifestyles. I decided to make it my mission to do something about it and I have!

 Therefore, if you resonate with what we are looking to achieve in this world, then I encourage you to take action today. I am thrilled to share with you that Clarendon Chiropractic is 1 of only 300 Certified Creating Wellness™ Centers through out the United States of America, Canada and around the Globe. I have invested in 2 state-of-the-art technologies that individually and combined provides one of the most comprehensive lifestyle stress evaluations in the world and produces a phenomenal report that includes your personal COREscore and personal Wellness Quotient. Then, based on this evaluation, you may choose to participate in numerous Creating Wellness™ System protocols. Each designed to help you reach your individual goals in life. Our programs will help you reclaim your life from the various stresses and physical challenges you have been facing as you begin to slow, stop and reverse the aging process. Not only will we help you reach your ideal weight and fitness level, we will provide you with the necessary care and tools needed to experience an even more productive and happier life! The results from these systems have been, well revolutionary!

Call us today at 630-455-0435 to schedule your COREscore Assessment or your Creating Wellness Quotient Assessment. My goal is about leading you towards a better, healthier quality of life so you can thrive in all dimensions of you life. Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well.