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Adrenals and Thyroid

Could Your Thyroid Be Why You Are Not Feeling Well?

Why Do Most People Continue To Suffer With Symptoms

Despite Taking Synthroid?




90% of men and women diagnosed with hypothyroidism will struggle with thyroid symptoms for the rest of their lives ... despite taking Synthroid or Armour. Are you one of them?

  • Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

Discover the #1 leading cause of low thyroid in the United States. Learn about simple and inexpensive blood tests that most doctors fail to run that will shine light on your condition.

  • What If My Thyroid Has Been Removed?

Those that have their thyroid removed are by definition 100% dependent on thyroid hormones. But what happens when those thyroid hormones don't actually relieve you of your symptoms? Learn about a cutting-edge solution to this situation.

  • Will I Ever Be Able To Lose Weight?

Even though most low thyroid patients are plagued by fatigue, depression, and brain fog, often the inability to lose weight is the most troublesome. There are simple changes that you can start making today that will turn up your metabolic rate and move you toward healthy weight loss and the body size you desire.


  • My Lab Tests Say That My Thyroid Is Now "Normal" But I Still Have Symptoms, What Can I Do?

Many patients are dismissed by their doctors and endocrinologists after their Synthroid or Armour brings the TSH into the normal range. When patients complain that they are still experiencing many of the same symptoms those complaints are dismissed as being "in the patients head." Discover why this is absolutely not the case.

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