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The beauty of Chiropractic Wellness Care and what we do here at our Creating Wellness Center is how we help each and every individual improve their overall health and well-being.  Understanding how your nervous system is adapting to the physical, chemical and emotional stresses in your life is critical in restoring you to your full optimal health potential.

We have a saying here in our center: " Your Nervous System Runs the Show!"  What that means is your nervous system controls all other systems in your body. No other system can function properly without the Central Nervous System telling it what to do. So when there is stress on the nervous system, it can have a negative effect on many systems of the body, such as your immune system, digestive system, endocrine (hormone)system, circulatory system and also your muscular system.

Seen below are a number of symptoms patients will present when visiting our center. Chiropractic Wellness Care is a natural remedy that allows for  the human body to heal and repair naturally and at the pace only it will allow. We have found the formula of success not only includes chiropractic care, but also changes in your lifestyle habits will help improve or even eliminate your symptoms permanently.

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ADD/ADHDAllergiesAsthmaAuto InjuryBedwettingCarpal TunnelColicDigestionEar InfectionsHeadachesLow BackNeck PainPregnancySciaticaScoliosisStress


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