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You’ve been to your doctor again, and again, having them tell you nothing is wrong. Yet, you still feel off, like your body isn’t performing as it should. The unfortunate truth is, traditional medicine doesn’t always resolve the internal issues you may be facing, but only covers them up. However, the go-to functional medicine doctor Downers Grove IL trusts can provide an alternative. Stop by Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, to start working towards a healthy life.

Clarendon Chiropractic offers a unique approach to addressing the health of families and individuals. Through our chiropractic care and the use of functional medicine, we can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Both the service of chiropractors and the functional medicine approach have been scientifically proven to address the cause of disease in patients. At Clarendon Chiropractic, we combine the two methods to treat your body’s physical, emotional and biochemical imbalances.

What is Functional Medicine?

While the work doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals do is incredibly essential to maintaining one’s health, not all the methods they apply work. Especially when it comes to autoimmune diseases such as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome. Often, your doctor will medicate you to treat the symptoms, but not address the underlying cause.

You may or may not have heard about integrative care. This is a type of care that examines not just a patient’s physical circumstances, but also mental, social, and environmental circumstances to address the cause of illness. As a functional medicine doctor Downers Grove seeks for comprehensive care, we refer to this approach as three-dimensional care.

Functional medicine, on the other hand, goes straight to the root of the problem. Through various testing, we determine why the systems in your body are producing the symptoms they are. Then, instead of giving you medication to control your pain, we perform procedures and offer remedies that target the specific cause. The overall goal is to eliminate your illness or disease, rather than suppress it.

What Are Some Advantages of Functional Medicine?

When you’ve done everything you can think of to help improve your health, but to no avail, functional medicine can be the answer. And to further reassure you for what functional medicine can do for you, here are some advantages it has over more traditional medicine.

  • Fewer Side Effects
    • It can be a mixed batch when going to your regular doctors for a prescription. Some medications don’t work as they should, and other medications can cause adverse side effects! However, with functional medicine, you don’t need to worry about this. We employ natural remedies and other healing methods, rather than throwing chemicals into your body and seeing “what works.”
  • Straight to the Source
    • Moreover, functional medicine doesn’t mess around with your symptoms. We acknowledge that your symptoms are only a result of a more specific health issue. So, instead of medicating for what you perceive as pain, discomfort or another issue, we target the cause of said problems. Thus, you will no longer require medication to suppress your symptoms.
  • Overall Health Improvement
    • When we treat you through functional medicine, we treat your body as a whole. Rather than focus on specific organs or parts of your body, we introduce treatment and nutrition that encompasses all your health. So, by receiving help from a functional medicine doctor, you not only solve the illness you came in for, but you begin to work towards a healthier lifestyle.
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We Treat Your Worst Conditions

At Clarendon Chiropractic, we’re the area’s leading experts for chiropractic services and functional medicine. As such, we can treat numerous conditions you may be suffering from. For example, our medical professionals can address:

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If you’re looking for a functional medicine doctor Downers Grove residents consistently refer to friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. To discuss your options for treatment with our functional medicine doctors, call Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center today. You can contact us at 630-382-8607 to schedule an appointment. Also, we are located at 421 Park Ave, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514.

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