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As Clarendon Hills, IL, and DuPage county’s leading doctor of chiropractic and functional medicine, we welcome you and your family to enjoy a complete healing experience. Whether you are looking to recover from a specific condition or feel better than ever, the team at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center provides outstanding care so you can achieve your health goals.

We will do all that we can to help you and your family live a healthy, happy life through chiropractic and functional medicine.

About Our Practice


Experience What Health Really Means

We believe health is really about one thing – function. How well you function determines your overall wellbeing. Moreover, your function is dependent upon how well your nervous system adapts to stress (physical, biochemical, and emotional).

Health and wellness are about more than just “feeling good,” they are about functioning at your optimal potential, so you can heal and maintain optimal health.

Functional Medicine


It’s Never Been Easier to Gain Insight into Your Health

Here at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center in Clarendon Hills, we utilize the Insight Scanning Technology (Core Score) as an essential component of our initial Health Assessment on your new patient appointment. A Core Score report is generated from the results of your assessment, which Dr. Surrusco will interpret and review with you on a follow-up visit. Whenever you are ready to start your journey into wellness or have questions about our prices, give us a call.

Why Core Score?

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine treatment is a patient-centered model of chronic disease management. It answers the question “Why are you sick?” So, you can get personalized, effective care that meets your needs.

Functional medicine practitioners spend time listening and collecting your medical history. This information is used to determine the root cause of your illness.

We can create a plan to help you live a healthy lifestyle once we have identified the triggers. The plan will cover many areas of your life including physical health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, as well as mental and emotional stressors that can impact social, work, or community life.

Functional medicine’s foundation is food therapy as the first-line treatment. You can take control of your health by ensuring you eat the right nutrition and implementing lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Why Choose Clarendon Chiropractic: Functional Medicine Clinic?

Many people have been helped by our wellness center chiropractor to live healthier lives and reduce the burden of chronic diseases. Functional medicine is a great option for anyone with a chronic condition. You can make a significant improvement in your health from the inside. Are you unsure which program is best for you? Find the right program for you by learning more about our programs.

Alternative Medicine Treatments Outside of Chicago

Multiple treatment options are available under one roof. We can address anything from pain to dietary issues to emotional health. Millions of Americans are wrongly diagnosed every year. This can be due to a “symptom first and medicine second” approach. Many patients come to us after wasting their time searching for solutions to their health problems. Functional Medicine focuses on the patient-first model. Your practitioner will take a detailed history of your health, perform a physical exam, and offer appropriate laboratory testing.

Our team can help you create a plan for optimal health, whether you are looking to reduce pain, improve your energy, or address existing health issues.

Our Holistic Approach to Chiropractic Care

Clarendon Chiropractic is the right choice if you are looking for a chiropractor who combines evidence-based medicine with hands-on treatment.

We don’t view your problems as just a collection of symptoms. Instead, we see you as a whole person with the potential to heal, eliminate pain, and empower yourself through natural solutions and preventative care. This is a way for your body to build a strong foundation, which will help you live a healthier life and keep illness at bay for many years.

Natural Medicine That Works Allowing Your Body to Heal

There are many reasons to see a functional medicine doctor or chiropractor in DuPage County.  We work holistically and consider all aspects of your health, including your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Functional medicine considers lifestyle factors such as diet, genetics, and hormonal changes. This doctor is ideal for those with chronic conditions that can’t be managed with conventional medical methods. Functional Medicine is a natural way to help you achieve your health goals. Your journey is customized using the science of vitamins and nutrients. We can help you heal and thrive.

It is possible that you are already living a healthy lifestyle. You might want to have a complete picture of your health. Functional Medicine is a way to learn how to listen to your body. It uses the most advanced diagnostics available to uncover the information you need to thrive.


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