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As Clarendon Hills, IL, and DuPage county’s leading doctor of chiropractic and functional medicine, we welcome you and your family to enjoy a complete healing experience. Whether you are looking to recover from a specific condition or feel better than ever, the team at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center provides outstanding care so you can achieve your health goals.

We will do all that we can to help you and your family live a healthy, happy life through chiropractic and functional medicine.

About Our Practice


Experience What Health Really Means

We believe health is really about one thing – function. How well you function determines your overall wellbeing. Moreover, your function is dependent upon how well your nervous system adapts to stress (physical, biochemical, and emotional).

Health and wellness are about more than just “feeling good,” they are about functioning at your optimal potential, so you can heal and maintain optimal health.

Functional Medicine


It’s Never Been Easier to Gain Insight Into Your Health

Here at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center in Clarendon Hills, we utilize the Insight Scanning Technology (Core Score) as an essential component of our initial Health Assessment on your new patient appointment. A Core Score report is generated from the results of your assessment, which Dr. Surrusco will interpret and review with you on a follow-up visit. Whenever you are ready to start your journey into wellness or have questions about our prices, give us a call.

Why Core Score?

Hear what Our Tribe has to say! 

Dr. Surrusco is very knowledgeable, down to earth, cares about each of his patients and he takes the time to go over any questions, concerns you have at every visit. I came to see him bc I was experiencing neck, back and foot pain which I’m happy to say has all gone away. He’s not only a chiropractor but also a wellness doctor and has a lot of knowledge and experience to put you back on track. I highly recommend him and have to say that it’s so nice to have a doctor that remembers who you are each time without having to look at your file.  -Adam Copot
I’ve been coming to Dr Surrusco for 25 yrs. I started coming after a recurrence of back pain that I had some 10 yrs before from a work injury. At that time I was out of work for 10 weeks with multiple medications and physician visits. After my first treatment from Dr Surrusco I was pain free and needed no medications. I continued to come for maintenance over the years. I had my children come with a noticeable reduction in colds and allergy symptoms. Also my daughter had developed some curvature of her spine during her teenage years that was corrected. I am happy to continue my wellness journey with Dr Surrusco and highly recommend him for your chiropractic care.  -Kathy Scheer
Clarendon Chiropractic has provided me with amazing care. Everybody is so professional and Dr. Surrusco is super knowledgeable. He helped develop a plan that has not only relieved my pain, but has helped me maintain a healthy nervous system. I highly recommend visiting Doc for any of your Chiropractic needs! -Shannon Lahey

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