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At Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, our goal is to help families and individuals achieve their ultimate health potential through integrative medicine and chiropractic care. In what is known as Integrative Medicine, we consider every aspect of the whole patient. For example, we examine our patients’ physical, emotional, biochemical health, and wellness. In doing so, we address three main areas: Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine, and Emotional Wellbeing. By utilizing proven techniques, we bring you closer to achieving optimal health for you and your loved ones.

Healing the Whole Self with Integrative Medicine & Chiropractic Care

Constant pain in your back, neck, shoulders or other areas of your body is a detriment to the health of anyone. Thankfully, the experienced chiropractor at Clarendon Chiropractic can help. We can remedy your pain, and bring your body back to functioning order.

  • Our chiropractor manipulates the muscles, bones, and joints in your body, alleviating pain and properly aligning the body’s musculoskeletal structure.
  • Chiropractic care can be for all ages. Treating spinal misalignment through a chiropractor can help children to grow, and adults to continue daily function.
  • Especially for those more athletically inclined, chiropractic care is an excellent supplement to staying healthy and improving performance.
  • Our chiropractor can address the severe or chronic pain you are experiencing. For example, we handle lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and overall fatigue from stress.

Functional Medicine

You may be asking, “what is holistic care?” Rather than focusing on the symptoms, you may be experiencing, our professionals look to treat the root of a problem. Through what is known as functional medicine, we discover the source of your discomfort or pain and treat your conditions rather than merely suppressing your symptoms.

  • Functional medicine treats the body as one whole system, instead of dividing it up into independent organs.
  • Moreover, we take a systems-oriented approach and focus on the physical and emotional wellbeing of a patient, rather than the illness itself.
  • Our health experts delve into the “why” of your sickness. Why are you experiencing health problems, and what can be done to prevent illness from triggering?
  • By removing factors such as toxins, allergens, infections, stress, or a poor diet, we eliminate the cause of disease and therefore prevent symptoms from occurring.

Emotional Wellbeing

Just as many illnesses evolve from the physical wellbeing of a person, so too does emotional wellbeing affect your health. At Clarendon Chiropractic, to better assist your emotional state, we present various methods and techniques that work to heal your mind and temperament.

  • Staying emotionally healthy is just as important as staying physically fit. We work to combat negativity in one’s life and develop a personal program for you to better control your emotions.
  • Rather than push medications on you, we present you with natural remedies that all help generate a greater sense of contentment and happiness.
  • Examples of the programs we build for our clients include methods for managing stress, eating healthy, getting more sleep, staying active, and staying connected.
  • The mind and body are interconnected with one another, meaning the care of one helps improve the other. Thus, emotional well-being can directly affect your physical health.

integrative medicine chiropractic

Three-Dimensional Care

By focusing on the three pillars of integrative medicine; Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine, and Emotional Wellbeing; we can begin improving your health and lifestyle in no time. Clarendon Chiropractic sets out to help our clients achieve a better version of themselves, balancing their physical, biochemical, and emotional needs all through the use of natural and holistic chiropractor methods. If you live near Clarendon Hills IL, Downers Grove IL, or in DuPage County, visit our wellness center near you to begin your health transformation.

Call Clarendon Chiropractic today at 630-455-0435 to schedule an appointment or receive a free consultation. Also, we are located at 421 Park Ave, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514.

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