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Providing Athletes State of The Art Concussion Testing and Management

Dr. Surrusco is at the forefront of the best baseline testing and objective biomarker testing to keep your athlete safe and at peak performance, as well as objectively knowing when it is safe to return the athlete (your child) back to play. So you can rest assured knowing your athletes are safely returning back to play, fully healed from mTBI’s.

Chart used durning pre and post concussion testing to show the progression of repetitive head injuries

  • According to Brainline.org, an estimated 3.8 million concussions occur from sports and recreational-related activities each year.
  • Current computerized neuropsychological (cognitive) concussion testing is unreliable at best, according to numerous studies and research.
  • A number of independent studies have found the test gives inconsistent results, has high error rates, and can be easily misled by neurological factors unrelated to concussions. – NFL (on ImPACT Testing), 2013

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