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Darien Functional Medicine Doctor

Are you struggling with pain in your body? It could be emotional health, digestion problems, chronic pain, and more. Your top priority should be to get to the root of the issue. Here at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, we are here to help you do just that in Clarendon Hills, IL. Your health is our top priority. As your trusted Darien Functional Medicine Doctor, we offer a three-dimensional or life-style based approach that factors in your emotional, physical, and biochemical wellbeing. Our expert team can provide you with a solution to each problem. 

A Darien Functional Medicine Doctor That Provides Fast, Natural Relief

You could be living with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, millions of people go every day not knowing what’s wrong. More often than not, traditional doctor’s offices don’t run the right test when it comes to diagnosing the source of the issues you are having. Here at Clarendon Chiropractic, we use INSiGHT ™ Technology that determines a scientifically valid and multidimensional description of your situation. 

Once you understand autoimmune diseases, you can then understand the root of your issues more. If you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system is going to mistake healthy cells as foreign tissues in your body. Because of this, they will attempt to eliminate them. When they start attacking, the cells become inflamed and you start seeing different symptoms related to your specific disease or illness. These symptoms can affect your brain, heart, skin, muscles, and other systems in your body.

At The Forefront of Functional Medicine

Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center is a leading provider of functional medicine in Darien, IL and the surrounding communities. We focus on restoring your health, then helping you maintain and optimize it.

Our Approach: we take a holistic, functional medicine approach to identifying the root cause(s) that are driving one’s condition. We find out where and why people are having roadblocks in their health and use an evidence-based approach to treatment that may include diet and lifestyle changes or natural supplements, as well as traditional chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Anthony Surrusco and his staff are recognized for being top providers of chiropractic and functional medicine in the DuPage/Cook County area. Dr. Surrusco is a Darien functional medicine doctor who completed his undergraduate studies at Bloomfield College in New Jersey and his Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL, now called the National University of Health Sciences.

He has since completed advanced training and has been awarded the designations of Creating Wellness Professional and Certified Gluten Practitioner. He has studied functional medicine for the last 20 years and continues to be at the forefront of integrative and functional medicine. 

The staff at Clarendon Chiropractic believe in their mission to help people achieve a higher level of health and well being. We use continuous training to remain innovative with the products and services offered to the Darien community. 

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Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center is here to help you in any way we can if you live in Darien or the areas.  We know how important functional medicine and chiropractic care is to our patients. Give us a call today so we can get you an appointment scheduled.

Welcome To Darien, IL 

It is an honor to serve the great people of Darien, Illinois. Darien is a village in DuPage County, Illinois. We have a small population of just under 22,000 people.

We are proud to also be able to serve the surrounding areas in IL.

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Use our convenient online scheduling to help start you on the path to wellness. If you’re suffering, and traditional medicine is not improving your condition, give Darien functional medicine doctor and chiropractic treatment at Clarendon Chiropractic a try.

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