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Considering the services and procedures offered by hospitals and your traditional care practitioners, you aren’t always getting the help you need. While you may receive medication to ease pain, discomfort, or emotional issues you may be dealing with, your doctor often won’t address the root cause of your problems. That’s where a functional medicine doctor comes in.

If you need more care than your typical doctor can provide, try talking with the functional medicine doctor Westmont IL residents trust at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center.Dr. Anthony Surrusco, the leading functional medicine doctor at Clarendon Chiropractic, dedicates his time to helping those who have tried every “traditional” treatment for their conditions.

After studying functional medicine for the last 20 years, Dr. Surrusco has become an expert in his field. From treating overall soreness to autoimmune diseases, Dr. Surrusco and Clarendon Chiropractic have the medicinal and procedural methods you need to get a hold of your total health. The results our patients have seen have led us to be recognized as one of the best chiropractic and functional medicine facilities in DuPage County.

The Reason for Our Functional Medicine Methods

People always wonder what makes functional medicine so special in comparison to the health care services they usually receive. In truth, there’s plenty that your traditional doctor can do to help improve your health. However, your doctor may not always treat your condition directly. Instead, they only address your symptoms with various medications.

Conversely, functional medicine goes beyond your symptoms and treats the underlying cause.Functional medicine works to address the physical, emotional and biochemical stressors your body may be enduring. By bringing these factors into balance, your body can naturally get a better semblance on its health.

To put it another way, functional medicine treats the “individual” and not the “disease.” Addressing a patient’s overall wellbeing, in turn, resolves conditions they may be suffering from. Thus, once your doctor treats your condition, your symptoms disappear.

Your Body Works for You

If you properly take care of your body with the right nutrition and treatment, it will learn to overcome most any ailment. As Dr. Surrusco always says: “heal, repair, adapt.”

  • Heal
    • Whether chiropractic care is utilized to relieve inflammation of cells, natural medicines are administered to bring chemicals back into balance, or the proper nutrients are consumed to strengthen your immune system, we work to help your body heal. Once your body’s cells are given a chance to improve, they will continue to repair your body’s functions.
  • Repair
    • When the repair process begins, your body will start to resolve your condition. Allowing your cells to breath and heal will, in turn, help them regain control of the systems in your body. As your disease diminishes, so too will any symptoms associated with it. And finally, your body can fortify itself to fight any future illness.
  • Adapt
    • After healing and repairing itself, your body will naturally take precautions to ensure it never reaches the same state again. Although, if you don’t properly support your body with nutrients, exercise and natural remedies, it can fall right back into disarray. Being your healthiest self is a constant struggle, but one that you can overcome with help from Clarendon Chiropractic.
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Fight Off Your Most Problematic Conditions

The functional medicine doctor Westmont IL entrusts at Clarendon Chiropractic approaches healthcare in a natural manner so you can live your healthiest lifestyle. Rather than letting you struggle through various pains and stresses, our medical professionals and chiropractors can assist in treatment for:

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