Can a Chiropractor Heal a Bulging Disc?
27 March 2023

Can a Chiropractor Heal a Bulging Disc?

Do you feel like you are at your wits’ end with the pain of a bulging disk? A bulging disc can cause serious damage to the body and mind. As you search for the best and safest treatment, there are many questions. For example: Can a chiropractor treat a bulging disc? How long does it take to heal a bulging disc? Learn how to treat your injury and the best way to treat bulging discs in the back.

What is a bulging disk?

Don’t be alarmed if you think you have a bulging disk. You are not the only one suffering from a bulging disc. Bulging discs can be a normal part of aging. A bulging disc, which is common in the intervertebral disk of the spinal column, is an indication that there has been an injury. It is different from a herniated disk, but they are often confused.

What is the difference between Bulging Disc and Herniated?

A bulging disc occurs when the intervertebral disk is weak enough to protrude into the spinal canal. The disc bulges but doesn’t crack, but it does expand out of the space. When the disc cracks, it is called a herniated disc.

The bulge can pinch nerve roots and nerve cords, causing additional pressure on surrounding nerve tissue. The bulging disc can cause more damage to the disc than a herniated one and may lead to increased pain. When the outer layer of the disc (the annulus) cracks, it is called a herniated disk. The nucleus pulposus soft material protrudes from a small area of the disc. This is worse than a bulging disc where the nucleus pulposus material doesn’t protrude.

What causes bulging discs?

A bulging disc can be caused by many factors. Spinal misalignment can be caused by sports injuries or excessive physical activity at work. Sometimes, it’s caused by trauma to the neck or back. It’s an age-related problem, but tobacco smoking can cause the spine disc to weaken and deteriorate, leading to a bulging disc.

Signs and symptoms of a bulging disc

Although symptoms can vary depending on age or activity level, these symptoms are often associated with a bulging disk:

  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness of one or both of the legs
  • Pain spasms and back
  • Modifications in bladder or bowel function
  • Hyper reflexivity in one or both of the legs
  • Paralysis below the waist
  • Deep pain in the shoulder blade and shoulder area
  • Moving the neck can cause pain
  • Radiating pain in the forearm, fingers, and upper arms

A bulging disc may be a problem. Your chiropractor may suggest that you see your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Learn how to treat bulging discs in the back.

Techniques that Chiropractors May Use to Bulge Disc

A bulging disc can cause severe pain and can make it worse if you do certain activities. You don’t need to be concerned that visiting a chiropractor could cause more damage to the spine.

To move the disc protrusion away from the nerve roots, these specialists use gentle, low-force movements. These are some of the techniques chiropractors might use to relieve bulging disc pain.

1) Flexion Distraction Treatment

This spinal manipulation technique reduces the pressure on nerves that is caused by disc protrusion and disc herniation. This is done to increase spinal movement and relieve symptoms such as lower back, arm, neck, or leg pain. You can also use it to treat conditions such as sciatica and arthritis, spinal stenosis, or scoliosis.

You will be able to stretch your spine by lying down on a specially designed-table. The chiropractor will gently move the herniated or bulging disc away from the nerves. This can return the disc to its original position in your spine. Fluid circulation is also promoted by the movements to maintain the health of intervertebral disks.

2) Spinal Decompression

Non-surgical spinal compression therapy is another effective treatment that chiropractors may use. Chiropractic uses a traction table to gently stretch the spine and improve leg or back pain.

The technique creates a negative pressure that will push the bulging disc out of its place to relieve the compression on the nerves and other structures. This helps to increase the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and fluids that are required by the discs in order for them to heal more quickly. This can be used to treat disc protrusions, as well as patients suffering from injured sciatic nerves, neck pain, degenerative disk disease, facet joint syndrome, and degenerative disc disease.

3) Pelvic Blocking Technique

Specially cushioned wedges are placed under your pelvis to aid in this treatment. The goal of this treatment is to naturally reposition the bulging disk away from the affected spinal nerve. This chiropractic technique can also be used to treat back pain, hip pain, and other body discomforts.

4) Massage Therapy

Massage techniques can be used by chiropractors to ease muscle pain.

The spinal column’s compressed nerves can cause tightness. To increase circulation and ease tension, they can do a deep tissue massage on the tissues surrounding the nerve. This can help restore flexibility and range of motion.

Clarendon Chiropractic will treat you

Clarendon Chiropractic believes in a holistic approach to wellness. We treat the whole spine and not just the affected area. Our highly trained staff offers self-care guidance, exercise, and nutrition recommendations to help you feel your best, even after your session.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy is used to reduce pressure on the nerves and discs. To relieve pain from a bulging disc, a chiropractor uses low-force techniques.

What is the recovery time from a bulging disc?

A bulging disc may take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 years to heal. However, each patient’s recovery time will vary. It is important to not rush your recovery. Although your back pain may ease early in treatment, it is important to allow the disc to heal fully before you resume your normal activities.

Clarendon Chiropractic can help you fix a bulging disc

A chiropractor is a great option for treating a bulging disc. Look no further if you have a bulging disk. Clarendon Chiropractic can help you heal. For a bulging disc or herniated disk, chiropractic treatment is safe. Clarendon Chiropractic offers safe, high-quality care to patients in Clarendon Hills, Illinois.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can safely treat your bulging disc!

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