Should I Get a Chiropractic Adjustment After My Car Accident?
26 September 2022

Should I Get a Chiropractic Adjustment After My Car Accident?

A car accident is not something anyone should have to go through, but sadly is a part of life. In addition to all the other challenges of daily life, a car accident can add more stress to the mix. This could lead to you being unable to work, or having to miss work. The most important question after a car accident involves where to get treatment. Here are some reasons to seek chiropractic treatment after a car accident.

Was your car accident bad?

Many people will admit that they need to be taken to the hospital following an accident. It is crucial to seek emergency medical attention if there is any chance of internal bleeding or a head injury.

What most people don’t know is that even minor accidents can cause soft tissue injuries. These can be serious and can lead to long-term arthritic problems. The vehicle can’t absorb all the shock from a crash. However, the car’s occupants can. This means that if your body is jerked by a collision, there is the potential for injury. There is a common misconception that accidents are caused by high-impact collisions. Even minor fender benders can cause injury. More than half of whiplash injuries are caused by crashes that resulted in little or no damage to the vehicle. Seeking medical attention is the only way to rule injuries out.

Are you in pain now?

A car accident can cause pain. You should seek immediate medical attention if you suspect that there are severe or life-threatening injuries.

Even if there is no pain, it is a good idea for you to visit a chiropractor following a car accident. Most car accident injuries do not cause pain or discomfort until several weeks or even months later. If you don’t seek treatment within the prescribed time, your rights to insurance coverage may be lost. To protect your finances and your health, the best advice is to get checked by a chiropractor within two weeks of your accident.

Have you seen a medical specialist?

While it is important to visit the hospital or your primary physician to protect your rights under your insurance, this doesn’t mean that injuries shouldn’t be taken seriously. If you still feel pain after being treated at the hospital for serious or life-threatening injuries, a chiropractor is your next best option. Hospitals can quickly identify serious injuries or life-threatening injuries such as fractures, broken bones, and concussions. Even if you are still in pain, if you leave the hospital with a clean bill and a certificate of health, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion.

A doctor who has experience treating car accident injuries needs to assess you if you have been in a car crash. Car accident injuries may not be obvious and can cause pain or limitations that aren’t apparent until many months, or even years, later. These hidden injuries can be detected by chiropractors. They can perform neurological and orthopedic tests to evaluate soft tissue damage, structural damage, and muscle strength.

Your chiropractor will create a personalized care plan for you and your injuries based on any injuries discovered during the assessment. The care plan could include a series of chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massages, trigger point therapy, and other therapies. These chiropractic adjustments will restore your spine, surrounding muscles, and tissue health. A car accident can result in subluxations, herniated discs, and strained tissues. Your chiropractor will use these adjustments to help you get back your mobility and pain-free.

Clarendon Chiropractic is available to help you if you have been in a car crash and need a chiropractic adjustment or assessment. Our combined experience of more than 75 years allows us to treat neck pain, headaches, and muscle stiffness as well as other symptoms such as car accident injuries.

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