What is Subluxation
15 December 2022

What is Spinal Subluxation?

What is Spinal Subluxation?

Subluxation has been a popular term in chiropractic circles over the past few years. What is subluxation, you ask? Subluxation refers to a condition in which a joint is not working the way it is supposed to. Subluxation can cause numbness and tingling in the affected area.

The vertebrae of your spine are a common place that can subluxate. This is also known as spinal subluxation. This type of subluxation is most commonly known to people who visit a chiropractor. They can reduce or even eliminate their symptoms. People with subluxations in other parts of the body can find relief. Feet, shoulders, ribs, wrists, etc. All of these can subluxate and should be adjusted by a chiropractor. Here’s a deeper explanation of spinal subluxation.

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Spinal Subluxation Symptoms

Subluxation of the spine can be symptomatic in a variety of ways. These symptoms include:

Pain in the Neck or Back

A misaligned area is most noticeable by pain around the affected area. These areas can cause back pain, soreness, or both in the spine. You may feel mild discomfort or complete debilitation depending on how severe the pain is. You may have a misalignment in your spine if you are experiencing chronic pain in your back or neck.


Headaches are another subluxation sign. These headaches are caused by pressure buildup without any release. These symptoms are often described as “tension headaches” by people who experience them. Subluxation headaches can appear out of nowhere and could even turn into migraine headaches.

Unable to Freely Move

It can feel difficult to move due to the pain caused by spinal misalignment. You’ll feel stiffness or inflexibility if you are able to move. This is something we often see in Clarendon Hills, Illinois as a Chiropractor. This can make it difficult to do a task or perform a task that is normally much easier. You should get your spine examined if you feel stiff or your flexibility is getting worse.

Causes of Subluxation

Causes of Subluxation di

It can occur at any age, and it can cause misalignment in joints. Subluxation can be caused by many factors, but three main causes are the most common. Professionals can help you identify the root cause of subluxation. These are the three “T’s”:


Trauma is the most common of the three T’s. Subluxation of the spine can result from major trauma such as falls or accidents. These types of incidents can lead to physical therapy sessions. Micro-traumas can cause misalignment in your spine. Subluxation can be caused by habits such as carrying a purse or bag on one side, sleeping on your stomach, staring down at a computer screen for long periods of time, and high heels.


Your body is a huge mixture of chemical compounds, both natural and synthetic. A healthy balance of chemicals in your body is a sign that you are in a state called homeostasis. You can lose this balance due to toxic chemicals found in air pollution, processed food, and cleaning products. Subluxation can result from this imbalance.

Thoughts and or Stress

Specialists consider the last T to be the most important cause of subluxation. Adults and young adults are increasingly stressed out by their thoughts. Stressful thoughts can lead to tension in the body, most commonly in your neck or upper back. Subluxation can occur when these muscles become tight.

What You Can Do

A chiropractor is the best option if you suspect you may have a subluxated or deformed joint. You can also find relief at home. Stretch, de-stress and monitor your sleep. Ice packs are also a good option.

Call Clarendon Chiropractic to get a professional opinion on the severity or presence of subluxations. Before recommending treatment, we conduct thorough exams on all our patients. We will create a customized strategy for managing subluxation pain and then work with you to find the best plan.

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