Can I Cure Bad Posture With a Brace?
6 June 2022

Will a Posture Brace Cure My Bad Posture?

You’ve probably spent some time online searching for posture braces that claim can improve your bad posture. People are constantly looking for the easiest and quickest way to solve their problems in today’s society. These devices may be effective, but do they really work? This blog post will discuss can braces can correct your posture and, if so, what you can do.

Are Posture Braces Effective?

Most posture braces claim to improve posture by pulling your shoulders forward. While forward-rounded shoulders can be a sign that you have poor posture, they aren’t the only factor. Poor posture is usually caused by a combination of forwarding head carriage and rounded shoulders. Bad posture is usually caused by bad posture.

Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS)

Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS) is one of the most common causes of poor posture. You can read our previous blog post to learn more about UCS. UCS is generally described as having a forward-looking head and rounded shoulders. People that suffer tend to have tighter muscles in the chest, front and back of their necks, and weaker muscles in their upper back and necks. A posture brace may be helpful in bringing your shoulders back but does it address the root causes of UCS? Unfortunately, no.

A posture brace can help your shoulders to return, but it does not strengthen the muscles of the neck and upper back. While it may be helpful while the brace is on, once it is taken off your shoulders will return to their original shape. The posture brace can help to stretch your chest muscles, but it won’t stretch the muscles in the front of your neck which is often associated with poor posture. A posture brace won’t correct an anterior head carriage or any pelvic tilt.

What actually improves posture?

A posture brace won’t solve all your posture problems. There is no single thing you can do to fix your posture. However, you can get good posture by combining a variety of different things.

You must first stretch the muscles in your chest, neck, and scalenes. Reach across your body to stretch your scalenes. Grab your collarbone with your right hand. Pull down gently on your collar bone, then lean forward and to the opposite side. If you are holding the left collar bone, you can lean back to one side. This should be held for 30 seconds. Then, move on to the opposite side. This can be repeated throughout the day. Don’t lean forward with your head! These muscles are already stretched in most people who have bad posture. This will only make your posture worse.

Stretching the Chest

A doorway is necessary to stretch your chest muscles. One arm should be lifted and the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Place your elbow against the wall, and then gently lean forward. It is helpful to keep your left foot in front of you when you stretch the right chest muscles. You should hold this stretch for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

To improve your posture, however, you need to do more than simply stretch. Poor posture can be caused by a combination between tight anterior muscles, which are located in the front, and weak posterior muscles, which are found behind. To correct posture, we must also strengthen the posterior muscles of the neck and back. These posture exercises are so important. These exercises can be done by following the sitting routines.

How can a chiropractor help my posture?

Poor posture can lead to weak and tight muscles, as we’ve already seen. Because many of the postural muscles attach to the spine, this can cause misalignments. While you can do posture exercises and stretch all day long, it will not align the spine properly if it is not in its correct alignment. Chiropractic care is the only way to align your spine properly.

A chiropractor will adjust the spine to restore its proper alignment. Because the spine is aligned correctly, this allows muscles to relax naturally. Chiropractic medicine can improve your posture by restoring relaxed muscles.

Poor posture is often overlooked by people. The pelvis is like the foundation of a house. If it is not in its proper alignment, it can cause misalignments throughout your spine. When examining your spine, a chiropractor will often first look at the pelvis. Good posture depends on a properly aligned spine.

Poor posture can be caused by weak or tight muscles. Strengthening exercises are essential to ensure that your spine remains in the correct position. Your spine can be adjusted daily, but if you have weak muscles that are not strong enough for the proper positioning of the vertebrae, your spine will continue shifting out of alignment. Chiropractic care will not help improve your posture like a brace will. Your help is needed as well.

It takes effort to improve your posture. You can’t buy a product, see a doctor, or do an exercise that will improve your posture. You can improve your posture by strengthening your posterior neck and chest muscles and getting adjusted regularly.

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