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24 March 2020

Coronavirus Update

We wanted to take a moment and address the Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus. First, know that as part of the healthcare system, we are here, we are open and we will continue to serve our community.

How Our Team is Protecting Patients from Coronavirus

Our entire team is taking the necessary steps to continue to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

– All employees will continue our already established procedures of regular hand washing, sanitizing the office between patients, and not coming to work if they are feeling sick.

– All providers will continue to sanitize their hands between each patient.

– All procedure rooms are routinely sanitized.

– There are disinfecting wipes throughout the office that both team members and patients can use on any equipment they choose, as well as paper barriers.

We clean all of our equipment before, during and after each shift.

How You Can Help Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

We know that caring for your body through proper nutrition, immune system boosting (including Chiropractic Care) and proper hygiene is the best way to avoid all illnesses. We also want you to feel absolutely comfortable receiving care at our office.

While current studies show that over 95% of those affected by this virus have mild symptoms and fully recover, we do know the importance of reducing its spread to lessen the burden on our elderly population and national health care system.

What you can do:

1. Wash your hands regularly, just 10-20 seconds with warm water and soap.

2. Avoid personal contacts (handshakes, fist bumps, kissing, hugs, ect.

3. Get enough sleep. A tired body is more susceptible to disease.

4. Eat nutritious foods and avoid foods that negatively impact your immune system (sugar, processed foods),

5. Get Chiropractic adjustments for nervous system health.

6. Stay home if feeling sick

Continue to take care of your body and we look forward to seeing you in the office. Contact us today for an appointment. 

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