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While traditional medicine can offer solutions to your injuries or illnesses, sometimes it doesn’t go all the way to resolving your problems. Often, it takes a bit of alternative medicine to heal your health issues altogether. And while supplements or acupuncture are popular options of alternative medicine for Clarendon Hills IL and beyond, there’s only one care solution that addresses numerous issues and is scientifically proven to work: chiropractic care. By visiting Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, we treat your health concerns and offer spinal adjustments to set your body back on the right track.

Clarendon Chiropractic delivers to patients alternative methods to healing, rather than relying on prescriptions and traditional medicine. Chiropractors are known to help resolve numerous health issues beyond typical “aches and pains.” Dr. Anthony Surrusco, lead chiropractor and head of Clarendon Chiropractic, takes significant steps to ensure his clients achieve peak health and physical ability. Also known as functional medicine, Doc spends his time treating those with autoimmune diseases, stress, muscle and joint pain, severe injuries and more.

Alternative Medicine and Making a Connection

While chiropractic care is an alternative medicine as compared to more traditional healing, it makes a connection that not a lot of other alternative medicine can make. A chiropractor can eliminate the use of drugs and prescriptions while still providing proven methods for improving one’s health.

  • Based Around Science
    • While not all chiropractic methods work for everyone, our treatments address the root of many issues through neurology. Science has found that associated back pain and some autoimmune diseases derive from problems involving your spine. Your spine is the “bridge” between your brain and the systems of your body. If your mind cannot properly communicate with other systems, your health will begin to deteriorate. Thus, spinal adjustments can restore communication between your brain and organs.
  • Achieve Healthy Living
    • Alongside and a part of alternative medicine and chiropractic care, we help our clients make better lifestyle choices for healthier living. Some of our worst health concerns can be rectified by establishing better habits. For example, eating healthy, organizing your time and getting more sleep are prime examples of a healthier lifestyle. At Clarendon Chiropractic, we sit down with you to work out a plan for achieving your healthiest self.
  • The Root Cause
    • Much of chiropractic care and other alternative medicine gets its foundation in functional medicine. To describe functional medicine, it is the process involved in treating the root cause of your illness rather than the symptoms associated with it. Your average physician may prescribe relief to your health problems in the form of drugs and prescriptions. However, through functional medicine, we work to treat the cause, thus eliminating symptoms.
A chiropractor helping a patient with shoulder pain, as a part of Alternative Medicine Clarendon Hills

Going Further With Alternative Medicine Clarendon Hills

As mentioned previously, we offer functional medicine solutions in conjunction with alternative medicine for Clarendon Hills IL. By treating the cause rather than the symptoms, we have found success in resolving issues involving:

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